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My Story

I have been on a spiritual path for my whole life. I was raised in San Diego, CA in a Filipina-Irish Catholic home. I had a lot of trauma at home, thought I had a pretty close connection with God, was told to always go to church and blindly behave so that I didn't go to this terrible place called hell. I always wanted to fix all of the world's problems, cultivate bliss, and spread it to others. I consistently practiced yoga and meditation to create an internal space of resilience and eventually moved away to study psychology, sociology, women and gender studies, and clinical mental health counseling....but something wasn't clicking for me.

It seemed like the world was getting worse and worse and there was nothing that I could do about it! Sure, I could make individual differences here and there, but I could not shake the excessively masculine doom of the big picture so loudly portrayed in media, school, and really every direction I turned (racial redlining, generational inequality, broken justice system, hierarchy, climate change, unsustainable food/water/clothes sourcing and labor, 1%, crazy prices just to live a day, debt, treadmills of production/destruction, prison and military industrial complex, I COULD GO ON) was almost like.....people were set up for an almost bulletproof way.

So I went down a rabbit hole as one does when they awaken to the mess of it all. What I found was the simple conclusion that all things (really - everything you can think of) are set up to benefit a handful of disgustingly rich people in this world. What the fuck!

So then I was like.....we have to reclaim our power! I tried to follow Frantz Fanon's path of collectivize, galvanize, strategize, and mobilize - which he used to successfully ally Haitian slaves with black French people to overthrow the French.....but taking a look at our society, we see so much separation (purposeful for the benefit of that handful of rich bozos). I mean at this point, our brains are so heavily programmed to be in opposition to other. Lost. Just doing our best. But where is the joy in that? In working your ass off for other people, just to be rewarded with SOME spare time to attempt to recover from it all? No way.

And this is when I vowed to reclaim my power and help others reclaim theirs too through the sacred restoring medicine of the Divine Feminine - Shakti energy.

I believe that we are all born into this life with unique karmic lessons that we are meant to clear in this lifetime by going through what I call "trials of love". Psychology teaches us that our brains are programmed by the time we are 5 and it is our job to take responsibility for harmful programs - to rewrite them to be of love and harmony with our purest desires. If you are anything like me (heavy childhood trauma and deeply ingrained negative core beliefs that, don't get me wrong, worked to protect us and fill needs in the past), you know that this is not an easy nor simple task. Yet, it is a necessary task to embark on (with maitri - loving kindness, to self and others) if we wish to experience higher vibrational frequencies like love, joy, bliss, peacefulness, harmony, contentment, passion, etc.

Our world once functioned in these higher frequencies. Every indigenous culture maintained and lived in sustainable harmony with such. We are all connected to our indigenous ancestors. Let us reconnect with them and revive the sacred and ancient wisdom that is inherent to each of us, attempted to have been washed away (literally) by different religions, colonizers, and other violent oppressors. It is our Divine right to remember the infinite sacred-ness of who we are as Human Beings and bring tools to help us remember to light so that we can realize our full potential of blissful existence (yes, even amidst all the fucked up-ness) and stop unnecessary suffering.

We get to reclaim allllll of our power in each day and it all starts with simple curiosity, an openness to play, and commitment to your unique, Divine, sacred path.

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