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Weekly Newsletter 5/20-5/25

My first weekly newsletter! I got annoyed with Instagram being the first place I go to with my undeveloped downloads. While it has been helpful to develop my oracle priestess channel, I am in a season of refining my craft in relation to writing, speaking, and producing art of all sorts. So welcome! In this space I will be divulging into and dissecting the astrological influences of the past week - themes of how these energies played out, and bleeding into the astrological influences of the week ahead, including prompts of how you can work with these energies for the collective vision of the highest benefit for all beings. At the end of every newsletter I will be sharing my current and upcoming events and offerings. Stay tuned ;)

This week we are zooming in and out of the macros and the micros of: the end of Taurus season, transitioning into Gemini; full moon in Sagittarius; foundation of being as self-love, home, and sacred relations; ancestral remembrance; bridging the blind spots of spiritual communities with the blind spots of system work to practically return society to modern-tribal-eco-village living.


  • Looking back on Taurus Season 4/20-5/20

I fucking love Taurus szn. I love Gemini szn too. Shiiiiieed I am learning to fully feel into and love each energy that traverses through my vessel and allow it's unique harmony to play out as I receive deep space for my soul song to be sung. MOREOVER, this past season helped to discern what truly feeds us life. what nourishment we soak up from what roots. learning to advocate for your needs in your relations and show the fuck up to nourish them back. ----I'm talkin' Goddess offerings to your sisters, affirmation to your brothers, acts of service to your family, quality time with your lovers, and loving and touching on your damn self....opening up to receive, give, and soak up all of that loving prana. For me, this illustrated as discerning my besties, visions, creative projects, visiting my family, and beautifying my home through pictures and vision boards. AKA I made a lot of dope ass lists that circulated my mind for the last month and putting those bitches on my fridge. I love that shit. Like, look, here is my life! As it is! Currently! And I love it!!! There has been a lot of Venusian energy in the air with so many planets occupying its placement in Taurus. Love. Relationships. Sensuality. A really nice fuckin' breather after hot-ass, fast-paced, heated conversation, fire alchemizing Aries season. Thank you grounding Earth energy of Mama Taurus! I hope that you got to kick back in your beautified home and reflect on all that you love and loves you.

Here is how we can honor and wrap up the ending of this season (hint...dope list formula to put on your fridge baby):

-list all of the people in your life, underline in one color people you'd like to share more space and time with, underline in another color the people you are less than inspired/nourished/loved/or seen by

-tell the people that you love that you loveeee them. relish in this love. visit your family. show up for your marble friends.

-write down all of your accomplishments in the past season/year/years; then write down a list of all of your desired goals/travels/creative ideas [keep this a running list of desires and inspirations]

-print pictures of sweet moments and beautify your home with them!

-on the same note, frame and post up your degrees! certificates! whatever!

-simply beautify your home and soak it up. garden! vase flowers! appeal to your senses! schedule some nights in for at-home spa treatments, smokin that dank gudness (thank you SantaMaria)

  • Beginning Gemini Season Monday 5/20

Hellooooooo flirtaciousness, hellooooooo communicating and distributing information. We are about to love on all the faces and facets that make us up as individuals baby! Challenge - can we extend this to the collective as we appreciate the diversity of all the different cultures and flavors that co-create in this world as cells and tissues (individuals) of the organs (nations) of one living body (mama Earth Gaia ma).

My favorite way to work with the energy of Gemini is to make a running list of the archetypes that I embody, being a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, infinite, limitless warrior-queen-fairie-vixon-witch-alien-oracle priestess-ETCETERA that I am. And then to write a beautiful sexy love letter to each of them! See where it takes you. <3

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius with a Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, Sextile to Neptune Thursday 5/23

Letting go to move forward. Plant a seed for something loving and sweet that will cultivate stability in your life. Nurture a bit of this seed now.

To work with this energy, ask your guides (archetypes speaking to you in the seen and unseen realms from your healed and holy ancestors, marrying God and the Goddess within your vessel) in a meditation what seed your soul is asking you to sow to ground your aspirations into your foundation. The connecting piece of your dreams to your why. Can you visualize this something as a seed? Maybe this seed is a ritual of a daily meditation, maybe it is appreciating and revitalizing your progress in a specific dharmic project, maybe it is a weekly ritual of organizing your internal and external shit you got goin on. Whatever it is - commit to nurturing this seed right away. Schedule the ritual into your calendar. Sit and lean in to this seed and watch it blossom in your heart.

NOW - write down all of the barriers to nourishing this seed to fruition. All of the things that feel diminishing / suffocating / limiting / small. How will you manage your energy for optimal functioning for the long run of this seed?

  • Venus Trines Pluto and moves into Gemini


  • Overall Current Circulating Energetic Themes:

    •  Foundation of being as self-love, home, and sacred relations

      • YG once said......who do you LOVE. Yup. That part.

    • Ancestral remembrance

      • Venerating not only our unhealed ancestors through our inner work and reciprocation in this lifetime, but also to draw on the wisdom and remember the strengths of our healed ancestors. Supporting us in a circle surrounding our every breath.

    • Bridging the blind spots of spiritual communities with the blind spots of system work to practically return society to modern-tribal-eco-village living. When we think about the grid of the world --- are we allowing ourselves to become too polarized ("woke" "underprivileged" etecetera) - leading us into microbubbles of isolation? This is not the way. If you are tapped into dimensional energies of light, it is our responsibility to be the earthly vessel that grounds this light into the energies of those marginalized. When we are constantly inviting connection into our heart through awareness of the needs of our greater communities, this is where true sovereignty lies. In your sovereignty, I am free....And in my sovereignty, so are we.

      • Masculine blind spot = Lack of silence. People who tend to take up lots of space, I invite you to receive a few deep breaths, hollow bone into your body, and hold space for others to process and bring their codes forward. To remember the invisible glass ceilings that exist for people of color and women, consciously or subconsciously, and to NOTE what perspectives are not being represented in the room? You have led with your voice. With your ideas. Perhaps with your embodiment, or with your structure. Now it is time to hold down the space for others to weave through.....this is the wisdom that the Earth so deeply needs at this time. To not badger these perspectives to come through, but to nurture the safety of the environment for such to be birthed within.

      • Feminine blind spot = Lack of redistributing wealth equitably. Reaching outwards for abundance instead of nurturing the infinite chalice within -- that which is always overflowing when grounded and connected in Her remembrance. To put it simply, I invite you to become aware of organizations, non-profits, even grants that share similar ideas/passions to you and/or provide opportunities for your medicine to be distributed to populations that need the unique medicine that you provide. What is your why? Is it bigger than you? Is it grounded in reality? Is it greedy? Does it harm others? Trusting that we do not need to limit our offerings to the same small groups of people aka the same broke bank accounts day in day out. Redistribution of wealth is now and harmony will find its way.


-Nervous System Reset Workshop Saturday 5/25 4-5:30pm at YogaSix West Seattle

-Yoga in Seattle (DM me for a free pass!):

-Online / In Person Seattle 1-1 Offerings, see on website<3

-Spirit Weavers June 11-24 in Cave Junction Oregon

Until next time my sexy friends. Love ya!

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