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Meet Jasmine

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I witness and empower you to live your most fulfilling life.


We are born into life with unique karmic lessons that we are meant to clear by going through what I call "trials of love". Psychology teaches us that our subconscious drives 95% of our thoughts (and thereby feelings and behaviors) and is programmed by age 5. We each get the unique opportunity to find alignment through rewriting harmful programs to be rooted in love and in harmony with our purest desires.


If you are anything like me (heavy childhood trauma and deeply ingrained negative core beliefs that, don't get me wrong, worked to protect us and fill needs in the past), you know that this is not an easy nor simple task. Yet, it is a necessary task to embark on with maitri, loving kindness to self and others.


Through restoring our inner Divine Feminine, Shakti energy that has been purposefully repressed in both men and women for centuries, we can activate our inner Divine Masculine, Shiva energy and fully experience high vibrational frequencies such as love, joy, bliss, peacefulness, harmony, contentment, passion.

Our world once functioned in these higher frequencies. Every indigenous culture maintained and lived in sustainable harmony with such. We are all connected to indigenous ancestors and they are asking us to remember the sacred wisdom that is inherent to each of us, attempted to have been washed away (literally) by different religions, colonizers, and oppressors.


It is our Divine right to remember and access the infinite sacred-ness of who we are as Human Beings and bring ancient quantum-based tools to light so that we can realize our full potential of blissful existence and stop unnecessary suffering.

We get to reclaim allllll of our power in each day and it all starts with simple curiosity, an openness to play, and commitment to your unique, Divine, and sacred path.


Let's get there together - because in community, our inner Divinity is witnessed through the Divinity of others - and this is the secret to activating our fullest expansion.

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