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The Wise Queen

It is the role of the man to shower a queen with offerings from genuine authentic love. She decides if she will expend any type of energy toward him.

The birds have it right.

A queen owes no man anything. The woman is to be adorned. It is the role of the man to respectfully admire the queen from a distance. To check his worthiness of approaching her. This is his journey of becoming a king.

She does not shine for you. She just s h i n e s. It is innate to her to be radiant. Her most natural state. It is the trauma of you denying your softness that turns you into a comparing, out-righteous, TAKER. Nothing is for your taking. Not anymore. Not ever. When you accept and grieve this trauma, you will know. You will learn to be your own queen. A man must learn to support his own self - emotions, goals, dreams, hygiene, physique, energy, vibration. You are responsible for all the energy you put into the You-niverse. The queen has always known this. You must dust your Eye to see. You will never know the intelligence of a woman's body.

And who is this queen that is worthy of adornment and adoration? If she is not every woman on this planet who has been pillaged, raped, degraded, demeaned, walked over, ignored, belittled - she is all women. A woman who has gotten to know her heart. Who has entered into her womb space, felt around, cleared, communicated with, expresses, and honors her inner body. This woman knows no law but the intuition of her soul. This is the only true law - a queen's inner knowing. She is always on point. Her integrity lights her to be raw. Authentic. Compassionate. Lead with vulnerability. And expends her energy with intention. A wise, open hearted, righteous queen.

She is meant to be adorned. Respected. Loved. Though she has curated this for herself already, she decides with whom she shares.

So do your work, heal your feminine, allow your masculine to arise from integrity. Gentle strength. And prepare your offerings for the Goddesses. It is past time.

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