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Why care about balancing our feminine and masculine energies?

What do our feminine and masculine energies have to do with compassionate spirituality? In order to fully and authentically participate in yoga or meditation or any spiritual practice, it is necessary to understand our internal makeup and what is happening on an energetic level. Our feminine Shakti energy resides in our left side, our Ida nadi (internal energy circuit we can think of as a power cord), while our masculine Shiva energy resides in our Pingala nadi (masculine power cord).

Sushumna is our central nadi along our spine that energizes and holds (when balanced) our chakras (we can think of chakras as energy plugs for the cords, the nadis).

Shakti and Shiva energy flow upward through the Ida and Pingala nadis (power cords), crossing at each chakra, charging them with these feminine and masculine energies.

When our Shakti and Shiva energies are imbalanced, our Ida and Pingala nadis are out of alignment, and our chakras are pushed left or right out of the Sushumna nadi.

When we are in full alignment, our Shakti and Shiva energies are balanced, our chakras are in alignment and energized in the Sushuma nadi, we can fully experience the joyful path to ultimate bliss - Samadhi.

So how do we get there?

Lots and lots of tools!

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