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We Are the Mushrooms

When I was 20, I did my first art show in Sandpoint, Idaho called "This is Art!", and it had the coolest theme. Shrooms! Not JUST trippy shrooms, but all mushrooms and the mycelium network they create that allows for all life to flourish within.

According to, "Mycelium are incredibly tiny “threads” of the greater fungal organism that wrap around or bore into tree roots. Taken together, mycelium composes what's called a 'mycorrhizal network,' which connects individual plants together to transfer water, nitrogen, carbon and other minerals". These mushrooms' presence are literally the on-switch for life around them to flourish! The mushroom roots, the trees, receive nutrients and are then able to exchange energy and information with other trees around them, then more mushrooms, and more technological exchanges, and pretty soon the whole damn forest is lit up! (Electric Forest festival, I see you baby ;) )

Now are we not these mushrooms? I was talking to an beautiful queen on Instagram, @wildrose.luminary, about our grounding and connecting practices to Gaia. She had posted a video of her connecting and communicating with a tree outside and talked about how she used to be scared to do this due to fear of judgment by anyone that saw, but learned to say fuck it because connection to Gaia > fitting in to a box placed unto you by narratives that we are rejecting anyway. I was like YES girl ME TOO. I will literally go on hikes by myself and sing to, dance with, kiss, hug, and connect my roots and chakras to the trees, the network, the life of the forest and everything in it. And then I'll hear people in the distance and like literally HIDE behind the tree or step aside like I am doing something else - no way did I want them to see me connecting to Mama Gaia like that. And you know what.... what the fuck. I don't know these people. And if their judgment of me is poor because I am hugging a be it! My connection to Gaia is stronger than my fear of being judged those who are not in alignment with this path. I am on this path! And I am NOT going to be quiet about it!

This is what the Great Split is all about - does life happen to you or for you? Do you choose a life of contraction or expansion? Are you playing the role of the victim, or stepping into your power and claiming your God-given role of BEING the empowered alchemist that you were CREATED to be. Just as the presence of mushrooms act as the on-switch for surrounding life to connect and flourish, so are we when we surrender, trust, step into, and express our deepest truths. When we experience a knowing in our gut or womb, a pull in our heart, and a confirmation in our midbrain, we know we are called to embody this truth. When we embody our truth, we give permission to others to do the same!!!

Just like the mushroom roots connect to the trees, allowing them to receive nutrients and become able to exchange energy and information with other trees around them; by living our truth we embody an energetic frequency that expands others on a subconscious level (whether they resist it or not) and enables them to remember these parts of themselves and exchange energy and information with others from a place of authenticity.

The more mushrooms there are, the more power exchanges we are able to have, the more forests light up! Mirroring this, the more we choose to honor and embody our truth, the more we expand ourselves and others, the more we upgrade this planet!

Mama Gaia begs us to return to her honor. To remember our Divine connection to her, ourselves, and others. The trees have been patiently present, yearning for the day the people gather to thank them for all they do, to show their reverence, and to JOIN the Divine exchange on a cellular energetic level.

This is how I practice connection in nature (upcoming Pachamama Gaia Connection Practice in tools to follow along):

1) I remember the mycelium network alive beneath my feel and allow myself to hold space to feel awe, wonder, and gratitude for this beautiful system of life.

2) I put my hands to a tree that calls to me and feel its' life and appreciate its wisdom communicating through this amazing connected network of mycelia.

2) I feel my own energetic roots beneath my feet, traveling through the Earth to its core, past the mantle and the crust, all the way to its' inner, abundant center point.

3) Connecting my energetic line from this center point all the way up my spine through the crown of my head, up into the bounty of the Heavens.

4) Feeling my body fill up with light in every cell, tissue, organ, muscle, fascia. Expanding internally with each inhale, infinitely expanding with each exhale - first 10 feet left, right, forward, backward, and diagonal in every direction, then 100 feet, then 1,000 feet, then the whole world.

5) I connect my heart chakra to the trees physically, giving it a big old bear hug and soaking up the mutual gratitude and love (that you WILL feel - and it feels SO YUMMY!!!).

This connection fuels me to approach everything in my life from this Divine, infinite, expansive place. To remember the patience of the trees that live within me. The wisdom of the wind. The beauty and inspiration of the flowers. The curiosity of the animals. The love and support of Pachamama and everything she graces.

It is from this place that my root chakra feels safe, my sacral chakra waters flow, my solar plexus shines, my heart transmutes, my throat expresses my most sacred truths, my third eye knows what my womb whispers, my crown is open to receiving what serves my Highest Good.

It is from this place of grounded, connected, knowing that I walk the path of moksha - enlightenment, liberation, and release.

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