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We all wear masks

From childhood, society programs us to believe that our rawest authentic self is not worthy of being seen or heard.

This writes a story in our head that we must not show our true emotions.

This story gets confirmed the first time we get compared and/or rejected by our parents/friends/school - all the way through adulthood each time we get entangled in interactions that lack emotional integrity in either party - something few of us are taught/modeled.

Allowing ourselves to take off the masks we wear to keep others comfortable in our mind is a pure act of revolution in a world that tells us we are not worthy.

Even if it is when we are alone. Allowing yourself to FULLY EMOTE - allowing the energy in motion to pass through you - whatever it is your mind/body/spirit is holding on to?

Ya see, true connection with others necessitates the removal of masks - vulnerability initiated by one party in the exchange.

But to take off this mask, one must have fully met themself without the mask in their own time/space/energy.

When I tap into my sensuality and sexuality - I feel liberated. From a young age, I was told I was sexually objectified. That I needed to hide my true self to protect myself. Yet, no one taught me how to be a women except for my body. And I allow her to lead the way.

It is from the strength I cultivate in my personal practice, that I am able to fire up my inner queen to claim her queendom. Through feeling, processing and somatically releasing e(nergies in) motions as they arise, I am able to actively + consciously tap into the vibrations that I seek to experience.

And so it is❤️‍🔥

REFLECT - What is a mask that you wear? How can you take it off just once today with yourself for 20 seconds? To FULLY FEEL and emote all that is there….and come back to center. To stillness. To love.

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