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Shakti in Yoga

🍃For a long time, yoga was taught in India by male Guru to male student, 1 on 1 in a very rigid and strict format. While the practice of yoga has many forms, its philosophic foundations is rooted in the Vedas written by Patanjali, and the embodiment of such continues to evolve.

🌞As the Age of Aquarius ushers in, as well as the 5D, every cell of my body remembers and pulsates the Divine Feminine. Shakti.

🌚The posture is the masculine, the flow is the feminine. The energy of the feminine loves to move, gyrate, shake, swirl, and play - freely! And in all honesty, play is so scary!!! In a society where we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that we will be made fun of or rejected for letting our authentic selves show - that we must blend in rigidly to be a productive member of society. This new wave of energy refutes this!

🦋We are all summations of every god, every goddess, angel, guide. In our human form the physical body (annamayakosha) is focused on, but often we forget to acknowledge the breath body (pranamayakosha), the mind body) manomayakosha), our wisdom body, (vijnanamayakosha), and our spirit body (anandamayakosha). ((I will talk separately about the Koshas in a future post.))

🙏🏼As I move in my practice, I welcome the Divine Feminine to awaken and flow through me and restore balance to all five of my koshas. I call on the Divine Masculine to ground and support me in the movement of my bodies.

👁As in our own bodies, the external does the same. What happens inside of our bodies also happens on the outside. As within, so without. We are intertwined and rooted in Divine mother Gaia. We are loved, connected, and protected by Divine father Source.

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