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Menstrual Cycle and the Infradian Rhythm

If you take anything away from this, let it be: eat more (think warming foods) and do less high intensity workouts or cardio in the FIRST HALF of your cycle (day 1 of bleeding for the next two weeks) and in the SECOND HALF (third and fourth/final week of your cycle) you can actually thrive from eating less (think cooling foods) and doing more intense workouts.

Connecting to my heart space and womb have been a HUGE part of my spiritual journey in the past few months. Learning about my cycle has played such a Divine role in deepening every moment of my life.

In particular, the correspondence of the moon cycle to each menstrual cycle phase (menstruating/follicular/ovulating/luteal) and to the energy/dosha (vata /pitta/kapha) that Ayurvedic wisdom correlates each phase with. Did you know that Western science and medicine has taught us that all bodies operate from the same biological cycle that is the circadian rhythm. This is FALSE! Just like pretty much everything in the hierarchal, patriarchal systems that we are moving away from, this comes from research based on the bodies of WHITE MALES. Women actually function from a biological cycle called an infradian rhythm based on our 28 day menstrual cycle! This blew my mf mind, as it should. It SHOULD make you mad. Mad enough to gather Prana, life force energy, and direct it towards shifting into what is in alignment with and honors your Highest most Divine Self. You can read more about this here: (Alissa Vitti's website, from whom I discovered the infradian rhythm). This is why women have so many hormonal imbalances, experience "PMS", have difficulty with weight gain/loss, etcetera - we are not in sync with our bodies!

1) We honor our menstrual phase (day 1-5) by balancing our vata energy - REST, stay warm, connect, chill. Our digestive system is working harrrrd and our intuition is deepened, as the right and left brain are more connected at this time to sift and understand both facts AND feelings.

2) We can best honor our follicular phase (day 6-12) by balancing our kapha energy - stay lightly active and eat stimulating foods for your digestion to avoid sluggishness.

3 & 4) We best honor our ovulating (day 13-15) and luteal phases (day 16-28) by honoring and balancing our pitta energy - get things DONE and staying “cool”. Our hormones and energy is pumppping - in a good way, requiring less caloric intake (with discernment and listening to your individual body) at this time.

Society has tried to hide this ancient knowledge from you for so long, encouraging you to get RID of this “terrible one part of your month” altogether. What would it look like if all women in our society honored the sacred cycles that synced them with the natural world AND Divine AND themselves? If the processes of life and death - shedding what no longer serves your authentic self’s most sacred desires and honoring what does - was honored. How abundant would that feel? What might that look like? All that is natural and Divine is stored in your body and it’s up to you to explore the Universe that is yourself or not.

It’s the only way to truly understand the macro, the Universe that is operated within.

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