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Feminine and Masculine Expressions of Each Chakra

Just to run it back one time, the Divine Feminine energy innate in every being is all about creativity, inspiration, warmth, compassion, beauty, sensuality and being wild and free. The Divine Masculine innate in every being is about holding the space for the Feminine to come through being grounded, courageous, mindful, non-judgmental, independent, and intellectual. The feminine is all about being and the masculine is all about doing.

Chakras of Matter - relating to the feminine

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Relating to the Earth element, this Chakra is all about grounding, safety, security, stability...getting your basic needs met. When this is balanced, one feels safe and fearless. When imbalanced, one has scattered energy and feels insecure and anxious.

The feminine expression of this chakra is feeling deeply connected to the Earth and safe within that connection. This can be balanced with Earthing - sinking your bare feet into mama Earth and feeling that connection. Did you know that when we do this, beneficial electrons from the Earth are LITERALLY transferred into our body and unwanted electrons that cause fatigue, stress, inflammation, and pain are released!? Try my "Earthing" and "Rooting" practices in the Tools section of this website!

On the other hand, the masculine expression of Muladhara is the DOING of ensuring your basic needs are met. This can be balanced by setting aside a container of space and time to check in and maybe even document if you are getting enough sleep, eating the right foods for your body in your natural cycles, your finances are in check, and your schedule/calendar is in order (check out my upcoming Wellness Check practice in Tools).

Both of these energies together can be balanced by reciting the Bija mantra "Lam".

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

The sacral chakra relates to the Water element and is all about the flow of emotion, creativity, sexuality, and play. When balanced, one is in flow with their creative expression. When imbalanced, one represses creativity, withholds intimacy or obsesses over sexual thoughts, and emotionally explodes or isolates.

The feminine expression of Svadisthana is allowing yourself to step into your creativity, sensuality, and sexuality - whatever that looks like for you! This feminine expression can be balanced by expressing and releasing your emotions somatically through ecstatic/interpretive dance (check out Embodiment in Blog), taking intuitive movements, painting/drawing, free-flow writing, engaging in sensual and slow foreplay with yourself or a partner.

The masculine expression of Svadisthana is all about holding the space for the feminine to create. Balancing this might look like setting up and tending to a PHYSICAL space to contain creative practices in your home/office/car - decorating it with words and images of people, places, and anything that expands you with inspiration (try Altar or Vision Board upcoming in Tools).

Both of these energies together can be balanced by reciting the mantra "Vam".

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The solar plexus chakra relates to the element of fire and is the energy of our core self, our values, self-esteem, and true personal power. When this is balanced one feels energetic and confident. When imbalanced, one might struggle with control issues, ego, anger, and aggression.

The feminine expression of Manipura is the embodiment of having one's actions be in alignment with one's values. One way of balancing this can be getting clear on the essence what you would do if you were fully financially free for the rest of your life - how you want to feel/dress/taste/see/touch/hear/smell and adding as much of THAT to your life as possible (Try upcoming Best Possible Self practice in Tools and Blog).

The masculine expression of the Solar Plexus is about TAKING the aligned action, to allow for the embodiment of alignment (noticing a theme of how the masculine holds the feminine? ;) ). This might look like applying for the job that you want - no matter how "unrealistic" you might think it is! You get to discern and take the steps to get there that will be unique to you :) (Try my Dharma practice upcoming in Tools and Blog).

Reciting the mantra "Ram" can balance both of these energies simultaneously.

Chakra of Connection between Mind and Spirit - bring union to feminine and masculine

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

The heart chakra is all about love and experiencing emotions and relates to the element of air. When Anahata is balanced one expresses them self without holding back emotion. Their whole heart is in the game! When imbalanced, one might feel dissociated, lonely, emotionally repressed or overflown, and lack boundaries.

The feminine expression of Anahata is being in communication with the Divine and one's Highest Self. Balancing this could mean closing your eyes and turning INWARD - feeling every sensation and (Try Restore and Renew, Karuna Mudra, or upcoming Prana Dharana in Tools)

This chakra's masculine expression is being in connection to nature, the physical world. Balancing this chakra could simply look like taking a mindful walk by the ocean, park, or forest...really anywhere you can appreciate nature and the world around you - even if it is just dirt in the cracks of the sidewalk! We are meat sacks of consciousness interacting on a floating planet in the middle of space composed of water, fire, Earth, wind, and space! Connect and locate yourself within that :) (Try upcoming Earthing in Tools)!

Chakras of Spirit - relating to the masculine

Throat Chakra (Vissudha)

The Vissudha chakra is about EXPRESSION and relates to the element of ether, or space. When the throat chakra is balanced, one is able to hone and speak their truth and sing praises for self and others. When imbalanced, one may struggle with not only expressing themselves and feeling heard, but also with being able to hear and appreciate others.

The feminine expression of the throat chakra is clarifying, sifting through, and moving to release self-limiting beliefs around fear of judgment or acceptance and getting clear on what you are here to share, what your truth is. This can be balanced by visualizing your best possible life with no limitations or edits and ecstatic dance with audible sounds - practice expressing yourself unapologetically. Make noises from all parts of your throat and diaphragm that feel good to YOU. Unleash your Wild Feminine. The part of you that doesn't give a FUCK about literally anything else but the abundant juiciness that is you and your heart's deepest desires. Because guess what, they are there for a reason baby and the Universe is begging you to give yourself permission to feel and express them. Stand in that power pose and OWN all that you are here to be. The world needs you for you (Check out my Embodiment and upcoming Best Possible Self practices in Blog and Tools)!

The masculine expression of Vissudha is, again, about the material doing of looking at these fears and doubts in the eye and telling them it is okay, thank you for the purpose you have served, you are not needed anymore, I release you. And so it is. Beyond visualizing and dancing (feminine), balancing this expression of the throat chakra can be verbally speaking positive words of affirmation to yourself of the things that you want to feel, be, and do (Try my Affirmations upcoming practice in Tools and Blog).

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

The third eye chakra is all about intuition, openness, and imagination. When this chakra is balanced, one feels clear on their path and trusts in the Universe working with them as they co-create their reality each day. When Ajna is imbalanced, one might non-assertive, afraid of success, living in egotistically from fear, and maintaining a victimhood mentality.

The feminine expression of Ajna looks like living from a place of Maitri - loving-kindness, compassion, and empathy for self and all life. Balancing the feminine expression of this chakra could be allowing yourself to sit and soak in gratitude, love, and compassion (Try Karuna Mudra or upcoming Maitri Meditation in Tools)!

The masculine expression of Ajna is about making the unconscious conscious - taking aligned action to literally bring the manifestation of your desires to fruition from the grounded feminine place of loving kindness. Try my upcoming simple Divine To-Do's Tool.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Last but not least, the beautiful crown chakra. The place where the Universe communicates through us, exchanging energy with our bodies. When Sahasrara is balanced, one is the living embodiment of their most authentic self. When Sahasrara is imbalanced, one feels constantly frustrated and close-minded.

The feminine expression of the crown chakra is being connected to one's highest self and others compassionately from a place of grounded embodied connection to the heart and inner wisdom of the body. The ultimate self-authenticity and kindness. To balance the feminine expression of Sahasrara, one can explore the physical sensations in their body by meditating and take the time to lean in to what your emotions may be communicating to you through these sensations (Try upcoming Felt Sensation Exploration in Tools)!

The masculine expression of Sahasrara feels a deep connection to the Divine from which they holds space for others. The ultimate acceptance, patience, and love. One can balance the masculine expression of this chakra by experiencing the felt sense of one's consciousness, the consciousness of others, and the connectedness of all things (Try upcoming Maitri meditation in Tools)!

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