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Emotional Processing + Somatic Release

Reclaiming sovereignty through mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual cleansing.

Did you know we can only somatically feel a feeling in our body for an average of 18-21 seconds? Anything past this time is a new thought perpetuating that or a different feeling again!

18-21 seconds is how long it takes the stress cycle to complete. And most of us are not completing our stress cycles for most of our emotions! This is how stagnant energy builds and our nadis get gunked up (what misaligns our chakral energy, lack of directional chi flow, etcetera).

Emotional Processing paired with Somatic Release is how we can process our thoughts and feelings, complete the stress cycles of emotions (energies in motion), and cleanse our subconscious and energetic field.

To let go, take what is needed, and live fully in the present.

We were meant to live optimally in bliss. This is the way of the New Earth and the bridge to getting their lies within the freedom of your choices.

We are poisoned in every direction in this matrix and it does not end there. It only begins there. With each conscious choice made with compassion and love we reclaim sovereignty. Aho😘✨

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