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Embodiment in Manifestation

Who is the man or woman that you want to be? Attract? Accept? What do they think about? Do they move with confidence? Humility? Openness? Mystery? We GET to express that! You get to embody whatever the hell you want, and that is our superpower as human beings!!! We really get to manifest and embody whatever the hell we want in this life. And how SICK is that honestly.

In my upcoming "Brahmahcharya Practice" in the Tools section of this website I will guide you through the application of these steps as I practice along with you. We are about to quantum leap timelines baby, and it is so simple!

1. Embodiment in manifestation means deciding. What is it that lights you up? What are the things that bring you joy? Can you tune in to what parts of your body you feel this joy? What subtle sensations arise in these parts? Does it feel expanded or contracted? Light or heavy? Tight or relaxed? Do any colors show up? Our bodies contain SO much wisdom that is just waiting to be listened to. The body keeps the score. And when we tune into the subtleties of our bodies, we are in communication with our deepest desires. The desires that are so unique, and therefore sacred, to our existence. No one else has the same exact likes or talents as you. And it is within these that you find your purpose Tip: allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into what feels expansive and see where that takes you!

Practice: to help you tune into your innermost desires, allow your subconscious to have a voice. Settle into your space and body by taking some deep breaths and setting an intention to let your subconscious speak. On a piece of paper, write "more" on one side and "less" on one side. Then, let your subconscious freely fill in the page. What is it that you want more of in your life? Less of? Next, write either on the bottom/side/back of the paper what it is that you desire the most in life. If everything was perfect in this life, what would you do? Where would you live? What would you feel? What would surround you?

2. Embodiment also means doing. Doing means taking the first steps to align your everyday life with what you need to be in tune with your heart's desires. One way of doing this is working with the Yama of Brahmahcharya - energy moderation. Take account of where your energy goes in your day and where you have space in your schedule. This can be a big moment of realization here alone, so be gentle with yourself. Remember, you are taking the steps to be aligned with your most authentic path. Every single event that has existed before this moment has served to bring you to this wonder. Remember to operate from maitri - loving kindness, for yourself and all things.

Practice: on a piece of paper, write out "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday" in seven columns. Next, block out all of the activities/things that you have to do (like work, non-negotiable obligations, etcetera). Next, write in everything else that you have planned for yourself that week. Now, just take account of what your schedule looks like. Do you have any of your "more's" or "less'" from the previous step on your list? Now see where you can add in the "mores" or any inspired action that you can take to be in alignment with your innermost desires. Are you trying to start teaching yoga classes? Schedule in time to review your material/practice on yourself or a friend/record content/etc. Pencil it in! Even on days when you don't seem to have a lot of space or energy. You will be surprised at how energy-GIVING doing something in authentic alignment for yourself feels. Play around with this as much as you like. Maybe it means that you change up what you thought before was "non-negotiable". See what you can take off and what/where you can add.

3. This means clearing. Energy gets stagnant in all of our kosha bodies - physical, energetic, mental/emotional, wisdom, and bliss, and it is up to us to clear these channels so that we can be fully tapped in to feeling our alignment/misalignment and take inspired action along our aligned path. There are so many tools that we can use to clear energy (take a look at any of the videos in the "Tools" section of this website) - shamanic shaking, ecstatic dance/embodied movement, tapping, breathwork, art, screaming into a pillow, somatic stress release, the list is infinite!

Practice: "Start Here" upcoming practice on homepage of this website! :)

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