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I have been practicing embodiment and being in my flowing feminine expression and I never knew I needed it until I did!!!

Continuing my last post where I talk about the imbalance of masculine energy typical to our society and the importance of feminine expression for both men and women, I cannot convey the significance of leading with your heart, feeling out your emotions, and moving through them with your body to release.

It might seem silly, but just for a few moments, close your eyes and move how your body wants to move. This might look like chest or hip rotations, flailing around like one of those blow up air things (you know what I'm talking about lol), pointing your toes and chassé-ing across your bedroom, or simply that you thrust your body parts for a few minutes! Whatever it is, let yourself practice flowing to your unique rhythym.

Your body has ancient codes of wisdom and love intertwined in your DNA. It's time we listen to what it is asking of us. To listen. And release (so that we can listen even more deeply) - shit gets stagnant in each of our koshas and it is always available to us to move through and release. And then to act on any inspired action that may arise.

In my counseling work, what I tend to emphasize with kids is the embodiment of freedom and play - whether it be shaking out the wiggles, visualizing and moving with, using their somatic to breathe and release (etc).

Here are some benefits of the general practice of embodiment - letting the body lead, off the top of my head:

🦵🏽strength and movement in the hips (especially for women) is so powerful as this is where emotions get stored

🐍 awakening kundalini life force energy

✨ generating energy for powerful manifestation with your thoughts

🌬 physical, mental, emotional, and subtle energetic release and promotion of blood flow as well as for the lymphatic system

🫁 resetting the nervous system with breath

🧠 releasing harmful programming by letting go of the mental need to be in control or look or act a certain way

🫀growing intuitive communication with your heart by practicing to let it lead and guide you

☯️ getting in touch with your sacral chakra to stimulate creativity and rewilding

Try it out! Even better.... if you can get out into nature and film yourself in your embodiment practice you can simultaneously integrate Earthing and mirror work....and can always add breath work, yoga, reiki, etc into your practice. Whatever you got in your toolbox.


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