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Your one-stop-shop to cleansing and restoring wellness from the inside out!




ShaktiMaitri's Jasmine McCarthy, Mental Health Therapist and Feminine Somatic Embodiment Coach, has teamed up with Re-evolution's Caleb Knox to bring you a box to address your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic wellness. 




With both of us living in the Pacific Northwest and having experienced mental health adversity throughout our lifetime, we have each found our own ways to cleanse, replenish, and restore ourCELLves to optimal energetic functioning. Since both of us hold space for a multitude of different populations in different capacities, it is important for us to keep our health on lock so that we can release energy and stay nourished and clear to continue doing work to guide others back home to their sovereignty in our aim to restore a world in which we all symbiotically thrive as one.




In this box you will receive:


-Emotional Cleansing Booklet giving you tools on regulating, feeling, processing, expressing your emotions (energies-in-motion) and rewiring negative/unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors. Bonus content included on The 4 Different Pillars of Self-Care, 3 Bonus Guided Practices, side practice recommendations, and a Compassionate Self-Contract.


-90-Day Supply of Daily Supplements for Mental Wellness Including:

1) Vitamin D3 (happiness)

2) Vitamin K2 (bone and cardiovascular health)

3) Magnesium L-Threonate (calm body)

4) Shilajit (detox)

5) Ashwaganda (calm mind)

6) Green Blend (Moringa, Spirulina, Chlorella) (aminos, building block for contentment)

7) Turmeric (antiinflammatory)

8) Sea Moss (gut, beauty, + energy)


-2 Free 30-Minute Consultations, one with Jasmine for Personal Transformation and one with Caleb for Somatic Holistic Health


-Bonus Nervous System Reset Workshop (psychoeducation and a 40-minute guided practice)


-Bonus Mini Goodies!


For $4.44 per day (no we didn't plan that, and that's how we know it Divine certified), choose YOU, fully! We did the leg work so you just get to be authetnically you, fully!


We can't wait to hear about the magic it works with you.


Happy Re-storing.

90 Day Supply Mental Health Box

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