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12/13/22 Lessons - Moments of attunement

Lately in life I have been humbled

Things get busy and I panic

I go into scarcity mode

I shut off from the world, from my people, from my practices

I turn to excessive caffeine, lose my appetite, smoke for appetite, lose my fire…..wake up with urgency and stressfully “get it done”….losing the beauty and mindfulness of the process. Of my why. Doing it because I have to versus I want to.

And I’m reminded - how am I showing up for myself? If not a consistent morning practice with movement/meditation/water blessing/affirmations/breathwork/energetic cleansing….am I incorporating moments of pause?

Moments of attunement? Tuning into the channel of my Highest Self fused within the electrons of the atoms within my cells in my body - the infinite me that exists in all my power in the stillness of this present moment.

Am I remembering to activate this power through my awareness with my breath?

If I am not “clocking in” hours at my altar, I remember it is okay. It is perfect. And it is twice if not thrice as important to put my hand on my heart and my other hand on my womb at all signs of DISCONNECTION.

To come into unity. To yolk. This is yoga. To bring Union to the self and then come into union with others in community, in partnership, in support….this is how we flourish.

Imperfectly swimming alongside one another as we remember and forget and remember and forget.

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